We formed Silverstein & Pomerantz LLP in 2003 with one paramount objective: to deliver outstanding legal services in resolving our clients’ state and local tax concerns nationwide. We bring sophisticated legal analysis and pragmatism to all of our work, while offering efficiencies unique to a boutique environment.

In representing our clients, we draw from over 50 collective years of experience in the state and local tax field.  Our team is rounded out by seasoned lawyers, each of whom practiced complex commercial litigation for many years at international law firms. We have resolved hundreds of matters involving the full range of state and local levies, including: income and franchise taxes; sales, use, and other excise taxes; gross receipts taxes; property taxes; business license taxes; and unclaimed property obligations. We have tackled issues from coast to coast, appearing before the administrative tribunals and courts of numerous taxing jurisdictions. We have argued novel issues of constitutional law and complex issues of statutory and regulatory interpretation. Our expertise ensures that we confront every state and local tax problem with a broad and deep understanding of the law and with awareness of the practical application of the law in the relevant jurisdictions.

Silverstein & Pomerantz LLP counsels clients throughout the tax cycles of their businesses. We have extensive experience assisting clients in meeting, and planning to meet, the demands of rapidly changing environments, whether those changes result from external forces, such as legislative action, or internal forces, such as corporate acquisitions, dispositions, and reorganizations. We also provide aggressive tax controversy services. We assist our clients in resolving asserted tax deficiencies through advantageous negotiated settlements when possible, and through determined litigation when necessary. And, we vigorously pursue tax refunds to which our clients are entitled.

We employ state-of-the-art resources and have made no compromises in our acquisition of the most sophisticated research tools and technology available. At the same time, our boutique environment offers unique advantages to our clients. Our size affords us with flexibility to tailor our work to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that our clients receive the precise level of excellent service they require, and at a reasonable cost. Our size also allows us to devote personalized attention to each of our clients. We strive to understand their businesses and to know their people. These relationships enhance both the quality and efficiency of our work.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your state and local tax needs. Please contact us to learn more about our practice.